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"Over the past several years, I have had the privilege to watch Ariana work with horses.  Her talents are extraordinary, communicating so very gently with each horse and being rewarded by their positive responses.  Her training methods are nearly invisible." "...it seems she creates magic with each horse, infusing a quiet confidence in them that she, herself, carries through life.  It is truly beautiful to witness. I cannot imagine a better experience for either a horse or rider than to have training with Ariana Sakaris."-Anne Bolen 

"Ariana understands the psychology of her friend the horse and is amazing at using her knowledge to teach people and horses alike. Ariana is a great people person and even a better horsewoman!" -Duncan Taylor, CEO, Taylor Made Farm 

"Ariana has the rare gift of truly understanding horses combined with the dedication, experience, and knowledge that allow her to work wonders with them. To add to that, she can teach what she knows, which is, again, another gift so appreciated by her students!"-Katerina Taiganides

"Ariana Sakaris is an outstanding horsewoman. She excels in the field of constantly improving rider-horse relationships. In our 20 years of knowing one another, Ariana and I experienced the joys of learning safe and effective horsemanship. During this time, I have had the pleasure and honor of being one of her liberty work students in the arena and out in the field. From starting foals to high level dressage, Ariana's knowledgeable and patient approach to coaching is ideal for beginner to advanced level riders. Her ability to communicate precisely and concisely keeps you safe in the saddle and imparts a horse sense that you will have for life!" - Alina Naujokaitis

"There are very few trainers around today who are talented in equine Liberty work...AND able to teach it in a way that both 2 and 4 footed students can understand. Ariana Sakaris is one of those trainers! It takes patience, timing, a sharp eye...and more patience! I feel that if you have a desire to work on Liberty, Ariana can teach you methods that will get you there. Even if you are starting from the beginning. I have taken several hands on lessons with Ariana when she came to this area...and now we have just started working online for my lessons. She analyzes and gives feedback (over phone and in writing) of videos I send her of what I am working on. Very pleased with that so far! I am just an ordinary middle aged lady and her horse....but Ariana has a gentle way of teaching and can break things down into steps that make it easy to understand. My horse can be uneasy with trainers that he thinks are "too strong." But he worked offline with Ariana immediately---stayed with her and visibly relaxed when she stroked his neck. She has something special that he senses! And she made me feel relaxed too...just with her positive approach to teaching. I look forward to learning more from her and making my relationship with my horse even stronger!" -Jane Hester

"I have been witness to Ariana's considerable talents and horsemanship. Always impressed with her patience and dedication, her determination and will to break down barriers with her charges is rare and exemplary. I have seen Ariana spend up to eight hours with her horse and the rapport she developed is astounding. Having much respect and admiration for her talents, I feel privileged in being her friend and peer."  -Mark Hubley, President, KatieRich Farms

"Traveling with my horse to Kentucky to spend an entire week training with Ariana was the best decision that I could have made for me and my horse, Champ.  The atmosphere upon arriving at the facility was relaxing and most of all Ariana made me and Champ feel right at home.  I had really big dreams upon arriving to Kentucky, but with the guidance and lessons that I learned throughout the week from Ariana and hard work, my dream is beginning to be a reality. I can't describe the connection that my horse and I gained from the training. I hope to be able to return with my horse sometime in the near future."-Sarah McClain​

"I highly recommend Ariana Sakaris as a trainer. I met her in Virginia when I was working with a difficult wild mustang. Ariana's assessment of the mare and how to work with her was spot on. I started with a horse I really did not like and ended taking home a mare that I really loved--and it was the same horse! Ariana is great at reading the horse." "...She has traveled to my barn for private lessons with me and several of my friends. We fancy ourselves fairly good horsewomen, and still learned so much and have made much stronger bonds with all of our horses. Her expertise in liberty work has helped us all strengthen our connections with our horses. She is so knowledgeable and works with the horses with laser focus. If you get a chance to work with Ariana, you won't be disappointed and will have a much more willing partnership with your horse."-Sherrie Hilliard 

"Ariana's system of communicating with horses lets you reach a new level of understanding in the relationship with your horse. She allows you to cross the threshold into their world where you communicate with them in the powerful language of energy and gesture that they use with each other. This world is one that is less about force and more about subtlety, nuance and harmony."-Karen Kraushaar

"Pandora is an 8 yr old Arab mare that was mostly feral with limited human experience. Anything that required her to stand still for more than 60 seconds raised her anxiety level to the point where she would literally canter around her stall. I have used laydown methods before with ropes or treats, but these methods would not have worked with Pandora. I purchased Ariana's DVD and started the process with her. The transformation was incredible! She is so much more relaxed now and moving better." - Central Virginia Horse Rescue

"I am very grateful to Ariana for helping me better understand and work with my 10 year old Lusitano gelding.  He is a spirited and mischievious horse but through Ariana I learned that he was actually insecure in many ways even with all his bluster.  Ariana helped me to channel that energy into a calmer more focused partner.  She teaches you to love your horse, be patient with the learning process , and with this will come respect and trust as she teaches."-Barbara Baboyian