Do You Want To Develop a Deeper Connection with Your Horse?

Let me introduce you to my brand new online course series: Groundwork and The Human Influence. This 5-part course is a collection of 100 videos amounting to what a student could learn in a year of full training with me!




What you'll get:

  1. The Human Influence
  2. Refining the Use of Our Tools
  3. Roadmap to Understanding Groundwork
  4. Key Groundwork Influence Exercises
  5. Building Confidence & Trust
You may be thinking that this is just another course created out of reaction to our current global crisis. I assure you that this project represents hundreds of hours of planning and development.  
Groundwork and The Human Influence has been tested and approved! Here’s what Dr. Anita from Iowa had to say:

"Ariana's instruction is detailed but not so wordy that students would feel overwhelmed. 

I’ve studied online with other trainers but they didn’t have the finesse that I was interested in learning from Ariana. Their courses were just not as effective at conveying what to do and what to look for in the horse.

I love that her business is branded as “Equestrian Development” because I can tell you from experience, Ariana really does develop the person with the horse. What she does with horses and students feels so much bigger than the word horsemanship.

She is a wonderful person to spend time with and the horses respect her calm and gentle demeanor. I highly recommend training with Ariana both in person and online.”

Are ALL Five Courses in the Series PLUS a Video & Phone Coaching @ only $199?



This POWERFUL Online Course is Perfect For Equestrians Who:

  • Have a strong interest and dedication to improve yourself & your horse
  • Want to develop a better connection with your horse
  • Want to develop your horse’s potential
  • Want to learn exercises to start doing at home today!
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Ariana Sakaris