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Directly connect with me!


Submit a video clip for help and get personalized help right in the comfort of your own home!


This unique opportunity is designed for those of you that:

  • have a strong interest and dedication to improve your horsemanship
  • might not have the means to transport your horse to a clinic or trainer
  • might not have the means to have a trainer come to you
  • might not know of a horsewoman or horseman that you can trust or have access to getting help from when you feel stuck
  • are training your horse alone but need some extra advice now and then to help the process


In order to best make the most of a virtual lesson, you are able to send in a video clip (or several video clips) that total to no more than 15 minutes all together. I will review your video, and send you a feedback video back that includes insight, exercises, and advice based on what I see from your submission. After you have watched your personalized feedback video, virtual lessons include a follow up phone call to touch base on your progress and answer any extra questions you may have. The cost for virtual lessons is $60. Overall, it includes a video submission, a feedback video that is tailored specifically to you, and a follow up phone call. Looking forward to having the opportunity to work with you!

Virtual Lessons